Famous People
and their Pekes
WarZhue heading
WarZhu Bear Stanford
Lives in
North Richland Hills, Texas
WarZhu Bear
as a Puppy through his
first year,
born Nov 2010
WarZhu as a Puppy
WarZhu at Home WarZhu Bear
Makes everyday interesting
and entertaining.
WarZhu Bear
Travels about town, Texas,
and across the entire
United States.
Travels of WarZhu
WarZhu Bear
walking and standing on two legs to get his way.
WarZhu Bear
as we pick him up for the very first time.
Our 2nd Pekingese
Badger Bear
With us 2001 to 2005
Travels the U.S. & Europe
Our 1st Pekingese
With us 1988 to 2001
Travels the greater Southwest
Our 3rd Pekinges
Petty Bear
With us 2004 to 2012
Travels the U.S. & Europe
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William Stanford